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How does a lockshield valve open/close?

Most lockshield valves unscrew and have a brass mechanism which accepts an Allen key to allow for adjustment. This design is intentional so system balancing can remain unaffected by user adjustments.

Can your valves be converted to work with 10mm microbore pipe?

All our valves can be used with microbore adapters which effectively replace a normal olive. One aesthetic consideration would be that the microbore pipe would not touch the inlet nut sides like standard 15mm pipework would; however this would most likely not be visible in a standard installation where the bottom of the valve was not easily viewed.

How do you open/close a valve?

To open the valve you need to turn the wheel-head in an anti-clockwise direction. To close the valve, turn the wheel-head in a clockwise direction.

Where does the automatic bypass valve get installed?

The automatic bypass valve fits between the flow and return pipes near to the boiler, this way you only need one for your entire system - it does not go on the flow/return pipes for each individual radiator.

Do valves have to be fitted on the flow or are they reversible?

A thermostatic wheelhead valve should be fitted to the flow-in pipe to avoid radiator hammer.

What is a bi-directional valve?

A bi-directional valve has been designed so that it's inlet and outlet positions are interchangeable. This does not mean that the thermostatic wheelhead valve can be installed with the flow going in the wrong direction. Rather than the valve can be placed in an abnormal position that still accepts flow in the correct direction.

Are all your valves bi-directional?

No, bi-directional capability is a design feature of select styles.

Can I pick up my radiator valves from you?

Yes. We aim to stock all of our products at our warehouse and showroom in Portsmouth, so buying from our trade counter is an option for our customers. To ensure we can help you efficiently, we recommend contacting us before you visit to ensure we can have the products you're interested in on hand and a member of staff will be available to help you.

Can you supply a thermostatic valve as a manual, i.e. remove the thermostatic element?

Yes. Manual conversions are an option for all our thermostatic radiator valves.

Can your valves be used for a steam application?

Unfortunately none of our valves can be used for a steam system.

Are your valves suitable for combi boilers, condensing boilers and airing cupboard systems?

All our radiator valves are be suitable for any water (wet) central heating system irrespective of the heat source/boiler type.

Is it possible to buy thermostatic square shaped angled valves?

Unfortunately all of our square valves are manual valves.

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