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Ladder Heated Towel Rails

What is a ladder heated towel rail? Pretty much exactly what it says, a bathroom radiator that is made in the style of a ladder with two vertical tubes and lots of crossbars to radiate heat and hang towels on.

Ladder rails are the most popular style of towel rail in the UK, as they are ideal for hanging lots of towels on, to get them dry and warm. They also have plenty of surface area to help heat the room. Chrome ladder rails are the most popular, these are generally made from mild steel tubing that is polished and chrome plated, their popularity also stems from the fact they are often the cheapest option.

Similar in finish are stainless steel towel rails, they have two distinct advantages over mild steel, the first being the material, stainless steel will never rust, so they will pretty much last a lifetime! Additionally a polished stainless steel surface is around 25% - 30% more efficient at radiating heat into the room compared to a chrome plated rail of the same size. The only downside to stainless steel is that it is a little more expensive.

White towel rails are also very good at radiating heat into the room, these are available made from mild steel or stainless steel. And if you feel you need some colour in your life, we have radiators to suit any mood, we have a section dedicated to black and anthracite, which is proving quite popular these days, as well as a colour section, where we can supply a ladder towel rail in just about any colour you desire, most people choose a colour from the vast selection on the RAL colour chart.

We offer products from a variety of brands giving you wide choice, backed up with our experience and great value.

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